Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for Stroke Complications

A significant number of patients remain severely disabled after stroke despite rehabilitation with standard treatment modalities. Integrating TCM as part of patient care reduces the side effects of western medications and in many cases resolves symptoms.
Acupuncture is usually used as an alternative form of rehabilitation for stroke victims. Acupuncture therapy for stroke-caused conditions such as paralysis, speech and swallowing problems, and depression is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It can be beneficial, especially when utilized in the early stages of post-stroke. Benefits of Acupuncture and TCM in stroke complications treatment may include:
Greater use of hands and legs
Better mobility
Muscles relaxation
Reduction in pain
Improved sleep
Help with difficulty speaking
Does acupuncture really work to help stroke victims improve? Many studies involving thousands of patients have been published in China and Japan demonstrated significant help. These studies indicate that patients get well faster, perform better in self-care, require less nursing and rehabilitation therapy, and use less healthcare dollars.
Treatments are given several times per week initially and gradually reduced in frequency. The number of treatments will vary depending on the individual, the severity of the stroke and the length of time from the initial stroke until treatment is begun.
In using acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation, it is important to work with a qualified medical acupuncturist. If this stroke is a concern of yours, TCM and acupuncture treatment at Asia TCM Punggol Singapore may benefit you. To begin your return to a healthier lifestyle, feel free to contact us for an appointment.
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