What is TCM?

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Chinese, it is 中医. According to wikipedia, TCM covers a broad range of traditional medicine practices spread throughout Asia. Chinese medical theory is based on the body's balance and harmony. TCM including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, physical exercise, remedial massage, and dietary therapy.
While TCM is highly successful at treating existing illness, its real power is in the prevention of illness. The best TCM practitioner is not the one who treats their sick patients. It is the one who teaches their patients how to avoid getting sick in the first place. The time to start treatment is before you have any health issues to keep your body, mind and spirit in its natural state of balance: enhancing your odds of avoiding future illness.
TCM treats not only the symptom. Chinese medicine practitioners will source the internal reasons and try to cure diseases at the root of the problem. It is our wish that this site to develop over time into a place of value and a point of reference in the understanding of TCM. Do come and visit us when you are free!