Origin-Point Therapy

Origin-Point Therapy (Simplified Chinese: 原始点疗法) was invented by a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner from Taiwan, Dr Chang Chao Han.
Origin-Point Therapy is consisted of a set of principles and a set of techniques to treat diseases. The principles are radical, even from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. For example, it states that the cause of illnesses is due to injury to the jin (Simplified Chinese: 筋). Therefore, when the damage to the jin is repaired, the illness is cured. Virus, bacteria, and other microbes are not in the equation of treatments of diseases, and so there is no antibiotic medication in Origin-Point Therapy. Typically, Origin-Point Therapy treatment involves nothing more than massages of the origin-points along the spine or limbs and application of warm pad on certain points of the body. The technique is simple, and yet the result is immediate and typically, amazing too.