Turmeric boost blood flow

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, turmeric is considered an herb that boost your blood flow. The Chinese name that goes with this herb is jianghuang, meaning ginger (jiang) that is yellow (huang). Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) use Turmeric to relief of chest pains, and localized pain in the stomach, abdomen and the liver, as well as for nosebleeds and heatstroke.
Jianghuang or Turmeric enters the spleen, stomach and liver channels. Therefore has the general action of invigorating blood, promoting qi movement, alleviating pain and expelling wind. It promotes qi movement and alleviates pain especially epigastric and abdominal pain due to stagnant qi. It also expels wind and promotes blood circulation to treat arthritis known in TCM as wind-damp bi, especially good to treat painful obstruction of the shoulders.